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Jenniphr Goodman, a native of Santa Fe, New Mexico, directed her first feature "The Tao of Steve" after graduating with honors in Directing from New York University's Graduate Film School.

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"I know people who go on dates three times a day, every day!Donal Logue was born in Canada to Irish parents; the Logues emigrated to Boston, but Donal has never become a US Citizen (he continues to hold Irish and Canadian passports).When he was eight, he moved to Nogalez, Arizona and stayed in Mexican border towns for ten years during which time he was a "desert rat with east coast sensibilities".While the Draytons wrestle with whether to give their blessing to the couple, their relationship with their black maid is also explored.The phrase the “personal is political” certainly applies to this film, which inspired the less than stellar remake “Guess Who” in 2005.

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