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I had to stand on the roof for 5 to 10 minutes to get used to a new height and only after that we went to the jib crane,” the photographer explained. Talking about her family’s reaction to her very risky passion, Angela said that her parents are okay with it but they request her to be careful and not to make this hobby into her life’s aim. Even after eight winters of regular photo sessions, seeing thousands of snowflakes in all their details, i do not get tired to admire new crystals with amazing form or an incredible inner pattern.Some people think that snowflake photography is a complex matter, and requires expensive equipment, but in fact it can be inexpensive, very interesting and quite easy, after some practice.This is rather strange, since this is the position you're supposed to look through it.

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Opposite you can see one of the very few T-22 4.5/75 mm specimens for LUBITEL camera..An earliest so far known camera has s/n #491189 (Molotok, 2010).. And even more - special springs on filter's compartment as on early Komsomolets cameras (see picture below). Leningrad marking's frame is still visible on body.Very uncommon early version with lens markings on the internal black disk again. Filter's compartment is bigger size yet (see picture below). Magnifier's fixing marks on the top plate have changed its form (no more small hole, see picture below)..The camera body is made of plastic, possibly bakelite.The waist level finder and focusing rings are made of metal.

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