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There were lifeboats to point to — while Lee’s dramatic works became sloppier and unfocused, his proud, hopeful documentaries became sturdier and mightier (his two Katrina docs are masterful) — but some had already given up.

Which takes us up to Lee’s “Chi-Raq,” a musical satire about gun violence in the inner streets of America’s murder capital, Chicago.

Here's where you can meet singles in Chicago, Illinois.

Live music is a great date idea in any city, but Chicago seems to have this category perfected.

In some cases, beyond conveniently forgetting “Inside Man,” this assertion is hard to argue, as his narratives of any class or budget had stem-to-stern problems, whether its glossy Hollywood remakes (“Oldboy”), or Kickstarter-funded micro-indies (“Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus”).

A focused control of tone seemed to have escaped the filmmaker in egregiously fundamental ways and even medium works have jumped the shark at their points of intended provocation (“Red Hook Summer”).

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Relative Strength, Pocket Pivots, Squeeze plays, Effective Volume, Support Resistance, Flags and Pennants ...

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